Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Versatile Vincent McDoom Does It Again

Vincent McDoom as Josepha
St. Lucian born Vincent McDoom  has done it again. This time landing a leading role in the Franck Phelizon comedy movie Kickback (release September 2014). According to inside sources filming has just recently completed  and the final editing and production in underway. McDoom is well known in Europe and beyond for his exploits in both fashion and film. He has made a name for himself as a judge in numerous reality TV shows. Over the years he has become a household name in Europe.

A ferocious fashionista, Vincent prides himself in being a champion against the exploitation of new talent, especially St. Lucian models bursting onto the world scene. Last year he blew the socks off Hot Couture, a fashion and modeling show, held for the first time as part of the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. As the artistic director he took the show to rave reviews.

Movie synopsis

"The best stories are those that take us where we do not expect."Jackie, a typical English psychiatrist who looks like a trucker, and Josepha, a black transvestite, live together. Their differences complement each other. One is white, impulsive, and fleeing her past. The other is a black transvestite looking to get pregnant by Boris who is a straight handsome rugby player who Jackie isolates in her cellar. Jackie receives calls for help from improbable characters : 
Tonio Jackson: a former black American policeman, who became police commissioner in Meaux and is seeking to save his brother.  
The North African priest : Moses in search of the promised land .  
A judge: Seeking fifty million .  
The very sensual and disturbing Rosemary Kaplan: Falls madly in love with Jackie as impotent and jealous Josepha (Vincent McDoom) looks on.  
The chemistry between Jackie and Josepha becomes a mirror that reflects the image of each other.

Cast of characters 
Lee Delong as Jackie Camtreud
Vincent McDoom as Josepha
Daniel Duval as Le Juge Martin
Delphine Chaneac as Rosemary Kaplan
Peter King as Le Commissaire Jackson
Wahid Bouzidi as Le père Moïse 
Joe Sheridan as César Maury