Thursday, February 6, 2014

TOP CHEF - Top teef!!

I don't care with Tom Tom the piper's son; I don't care with Nick sans sel; and I don't care with the farce which was Top Chef last night; I DON'T CARE!! No amount of hogwash; no amount of bullshit-baffles-brains psychology; no rubber duck; no kitchen-without-an-ice cream-machine; no nothing; is ever gonna change what the whole world knows:  Nina Compton won last night!

Sometimes pappyshow can be so blatant that it boggles the mind. Lets be honest, a little pappyshow is OK. But what transpired at the finale of Top Chef last night was a travesty out of Transylvania with a transvestite riding on a white horse....naked! Stark and unadulterated nonsense.

And just to let you know, Tom, St Lucians are pissed you fucked up their jouvert. No jump up; no Chairman's, no Invader, no Ricky-T; and no damn blasted holiday!! You have committed a criminal offense as far as most people in St. Lucia are concerned and have to be punished. Be warned because a warrant will be written in your name as soon as the First District Court opens for business in Castries this morning. Although you have been placed on the no-fly list into St. Lucia, if you ever make it to our shores the warrant will be put into full effect. And don't try the ole frog or buhchay caca in the won't work! Just to let you know, the verdict will be guilty. You will be brought to the Square; the same Square where you had St. Lucians waiting to see Nina win last night; all in vain! In your ass! Ever heard of a lolo bef, Tom? It shall be introduced to you when you get to the Square.

And if you think you're gonna get off easy by staying away from St. Lucia, think again. Ever heard of
a gadeh, or a bolom? We will find you Papa Tom. The legions of boloms hiding in Soufriere will be unleashed upon you. Hahahahahah! Are you scared now, Tom? Better wear your underwear inside out. You damn teef!

Mweh fashay la telmuh eh!