Monday, October 20, 2014

Vincent McDoom - He Just Keeps Going, and Going, and Going!

Vincent McDoom at the Guyane Fashion Week 2014
Like the Energizer Bunny there's just no stopping St. Lucian diva extraordinaire, Vincent McDoom. Close on the heels of his role in the Franck Phelizon comedy movie Kickback he was a special guest at the just concluded Guyane Fashion Week 2014 held in Cayenne from September 22 - 27, 2014. This year's event follows the highly acclaimed and successful inaugural extravaganza held in 2013.

Designers from Surinam, Holland, St. Lucia and Paris attended the rave reviewed event. Lyn Bristol from St. Lucia was a favourite at the event along with Vanelse, Christel Nirk, Zacometi, and Mayonka Alphadi of Niger. 
Guyane Fashion Week 2014 poster

It has been announced that Vincent McDoom will be the new Artistic/Casting Director for Guyane Fashion Week 2015. He has also been tapped as the fashion consultant for that event. Bravo!

Following on the heels of his rip roaring contribution to St. Lucia's Hot Couture 2013, Vincent McDoom has forged on relentlessly highlighting St. Lucia's up and coming fashing and design industry. Never forgetting his roots Vincent continues to highlight and showcase St. Lucian talent on the world stage, and capitalizes on every opportunity to get a foot in the door for local designers and models.

Vincent Mc Doom with Marthe P. Karam (HFCNATHAN PHOTOS)

                                                    A look back at Guyane Fashion Week 2013

Vincent McDoom is relentless in his pursuits blazing trails in fashion, design, modeling, acting, events judging, and other facets of the fashion industry. 

With surprises always up his sleeve Vincent says he is proud to announce  fashion event to be held in St. Lucia next year, with dates to be announced soon! The suspense never ends.

Go Vincent, GO!




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

EBOLA - The Perfect Storm

Thomas Eric Duncan - First Ebola victim on US soil
From the moment Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola I knew he was a dead horse. Don't ask me how I knew, I just knew. Call it intuition; call it a sixth sense; whatever it was must have been nurtured from life's experiences and observations. The temptation to post my prediction was overwhelming yet I did not. Perhaps my apprehensions of the usual detractors got the better of me and caused the loss of an undeniable "I told you so" comeback when Mr. Duncan's demise became a reality. In your face! But I did no such thing, and therefore had no vindication. 

Eric Duncan's arrival in Dallas, TX

But in all of this Ebola brouhaha little is known of Thomas Eric Duncan other than his untimely demise at the hands of the most feared contagion to befall this planet in a long, long time. He has been demonized and cursed by many as the most vile creature to have walked the face of this earth. How dare you Eric Duncan! How dare you come into the United States of America with your damn Ebola! How dare you leave that Ebola ridden, God forsaken country of Liberia and lie to enter the United States. How dare you mister!

Oh shut up you damn blasted hypocrites! What would YOU have done? Had you been in Liberia, as an American citizen or otherwise, would you remain there to an almost certain death, or would you have jumped on that plane to Brussels and then on to Dallas, Texas where you stood a damn better chance at survival? Would you really have remained in that death zone and wither away as you vomited and bled to a wretched miserable death in a mud hut? 

My fellow St. Lucians, would you have remained there to die? Lets be serious, the Ebola death rate is almost 90% in Liberia. However, in the US it had been a 100% survival for the first two patients who arrived after having full blown infections! Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol sure as hell would not remain in Liberia and await the grim reaper. Hell no!

Nancy Writebol and Kent Brantly cured of Ebola

Which odds would you prefer? The odds of Dr. Kent Brantly with US healthcare........

Gulfstream jet with bio-containment chamber enroute from Liberia to Atlanta, GA

Dr. Kent Brantly called it a "miraculous day" before leaving hospital in Georgia after successful Ebola treatment

Or to languish in misery and pain drowning in your own blood and vomit amid primitive conditions

Ebola victim being sprayed with bleach and other chemicals in Liberia

Another Ebola victim being taken away in a body bag

How many of you lie on your Customs declaration form denying all knowledge and possession of any plant and meat materials in your baggage. Do you realize the devastating effect that just one infected plant can have on the US agricultural industry? Do you even begin to care about tainted meat and it's effects on the US beef industry? You don't give a damn shyte. As long as you can show off with your exotic tropical elixir you're good. The rival to Viagra for the guys at work will make you the talk of the office for years. Oh, and how about that uncooked pork you got deep in the countryside? 

But then the question would be whether Duncan knew he was infected in the first place. The man helped a pregnant woman who collapsed in the street. He was a good man! In fact, he did exactly what the doctors would have done. They ran back to the States knowing full well they were infected. Oh no, they would not die like dogs in Liberia! So why should Eric Duncan?

It has been reported that one of the doctors said that if it was God's will for him to get infected with Ebola, so be it. Maybe he should have waited to see if it was God's will for him to die of Ebola.

Lets face it, if I were Thomas Eric Duncan I would have been on that plane lying like a rug to get into the US to better healthcare. 

And you would have done to same damn thing too. His decision was for self preservation and yours would have been the same.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Queen's Address to St. Lucia on state of Affairs

The queen's address on the state of St. Lucia since independence in 1979 through to 2014. Her reports and observations, and recommendations for restoring St. Lucia to it's former glory in the Caribbean. Based on her speech it is clear that she has been increasingly concerned about the path that St. Lucia has taken over these past few years. All patriotic St. Lucians will understand these concerns as we have all expressed them to each other. It is felt that we are now at a critical point in our history as an independent nation and must be serious about our governance and vision into the future.

Please watch and listen to Her Majesty

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Motherflogger Has Been Flogged - But The Floggers Are Still Scared

"If there is one thing we ought to be careful about, it is in regard to interfering with the liberty of the press...I think it is a great deal better to err a little bit on the side of having too much discussion and having too much virulent language used by the press, rather than to err on the side of having them not say what they ought to say, especially with reference to public men and measures." - Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President 1901 - 1909

The Streisand effect is the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet. It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose 2003 attempt to suppress photographs of her residence in Malibu, California inadvertently generated further publicity of it. 

If Jason Sifflet's, FloggBlog had been popular before last Saturday the take down from the Google servers because of a purported "HATE" report has only increased it's popularity and an unquenched desire, by all and sundry, to read it from end to end in an attempt to decipher who is behind such a dastardly deed. Nevertheless, the conclusion by everyone and their dog is that it was perpetrated by some stinking politician because it certainly wasn't by Fidel Castro! They're just all confused as to which one.

The Mother-Flogger
The Flogg Blog has shaken things up in St. Lucia. Even though it was not articulated in mainstream media much of what Jason wrote has been thought of, and discussed by many St. Lucians. They talked about the Flogg Blog at work, on Facebook, in emails, some mother-floggers even stayed up late at night unable to sleep because of the details and damning information contained within. 

Even jabals were talking about The Flogg because they were afraid their nom-kokay would be put in jail and they would no longer be able to pay for the weave, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and weekend trips to Martinique. And oooohhh they love Martinique bad bad bad. Just the thought of making a quick bom in Fort-de-France under the guise of a weekend shopping trip was enough to make them say yes. 

Jason does not play favourites. It has been nothing short of comedic  when some time recently because of his putting pressure on one coloured section of the aisle he was seen as an ally and lauded as the greatest thing since bois bande'. The mere mention of his name was enough to give most of them an erection. Then, when he flipped the script, and started flogging left, right, and center there was a quiet over the land. Not one would comment on his stories.  How dare you Jason, we thought you were one of us!

Oh noooo! You write about us too?
The even funnier thing now is that all those exposed floggers have now laid bare their political bias revealing that they only care about the uncovering of corruption when it relates to the other side. Depending on whose comments you read, or which apologist you talk to, the cretin who perpetuated this flogging act against the mother-flogger is either a flambeau or an etoile. Great Scott, how could this be? Could it really be that we are faced with two cheeks from the same arse in St. Lucia?

How could the same facts point to two different sides? Oh wait! Maybe it could just be that the mother-flogger, Jason Sifflet, pissed two people from diametrically opposed sides at the very same time. WOW! Or maybe it's that bolom again. Yup that's it. The bolom was expecting his pound of flesh and it was only gonna get fed by corrupt floggers who could then afford his daily supply of meat. Lest we forget, boloms must be fed regularly and with the kind of meat they like. The bolom did it! Case closed. Yeah right.

Is this the bolom responsible for the Flogging incident?

The take down of the Flogg Blog has exploded online like someone who ate re-fried beans the night before and then let loose in a crowded room. Facebook has been abuzz. Local news has been on the story. Even Clinton Reynolds, President of the Media Association of St. Lucia, had his bit to say about this cowardly act, 

"It appears that because certain information has been brought to the fore there have been attempts by individuals to shut it down, to have it withdrawn, to have it discredited. However, what is more curious to me is the fact that there has been no attempt or move by anybody who has been mentioned in there to take up the matter in court, to sue, to say you know what you're saying is incorrect, what you're saying is an untruth, what you're saying is defamatory, is injurious, it's libelous, so therefore we will take up the battle in court. Nobody has done that, and that is most curious to me."

You motherflogger I'll flogg you good. Take that!
It was only last week a friend from Lucia called and told me about a rumour that had been circulating about Jason. It was then I knew the destabilization had begun. If you can't kill the story then shoot the messenger and kill his medium. It's happened faster than I expected but don't be fooled, just because people are silent does not mean they are deaf or blind. Many people have taken moo moo pills but we're not aveg. It's obvious Jason left many shaking in their boots.

Now that the Flogg Blog is down the masses wait with bated breath for its resurrection. The stories have been too salacious, too revealing, too corroborative of what we had suspected long ago. Jason connected the dots for those who were too blind to see. He provided meticulous detail which has been sorely lacking from most of the local media. Jason, through the Flogg Blog, was Ellery Queen, Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, and the Hardy Boys all rolled into one.

I have no doubt that the Flogg Blog will rise out of the ashes, bigger, longer, harder, and more resilient than ever before. The motherflogger will wield even more stinging literary flagellations across the backs of the corrupt bloodsuckers in St. Lucia. He must do this to save the people of St. Lucia from being conned, hoodwinked, swindled, brow beaten, taken for a ride, and yes flogged like there's no tomorrow. 

Flog them up Jason, Flog all of them! You are the mother flogger. Flog them all up!

“A journalist is a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns, a tutor of nations. Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France from 1804-1815

Sunday, June 8, 2014

50+ Things I Remember

A few days ago when I wrote a short note on Facebook for my 50th. birthday I reminisced about some the things of the past which were still vivid in my mind. Later that day I thought these memories would make an interesting compilation as a poem or other literary endeavour. Here's my trip down memory lane in no particular order.

I remember my first ever memory arriving at Leslie Land from Hospital Road
I remember my first day at school
I remember going to church on Sundays and Sunday school afterwards
I remember my first communion
I remember playing football in the rain
I remember fires being so rare that people would run after the fire engine to see where the fire was
I remember when an emergency vehicle siren was a truly rare occurrence
I remember Victoria Park with only the pavilion
I remember Vigie field without the Sports Complex
I remember being able to cross the Vigie airport runway when the light was green from the tower
I remember crossing the Vigie airport runway and the siren suddenly blaring as a plane was landing

I remember Sunday afternoon strolls in town with my mother and siblings
I remember public TV at the entrance to the Castries Market
I remember the M&C fire
I remember when the Castries Town Hall was the hottest spot for a calypso tent
I remember Gaiety and Clarke's cinemas
I remember Y. De Lima
I remember the ice cream van driving around on Sundays and parked in the boulevard
I remember the Syrians as new immigrants walking around on Sundays selling cloth from suitcases
I remember them being called 'Amigoes' because they referred to everyone as amigo
I remember the Columbus Square with no wall around it
I remember 'Assou Square' being held on Columbus Square

I remember the CDC being nice and clean, and safe
I remember looking through the concrete blocks at the Town Hall to watch a show for free
I remember going for a stroll through the George V park (the Gardens) without fear of being mugged
I remember a wild bull escaping from the Market abbatoir and running amok in the Gardens
I remember hanging out late in the Gardens after school playing Cowboys and Indians
I remember crabs in the Gardens
I remember tadpoles and little fish in the canals of the Gardens and along A.F. Valmont
I remember flying ants after a heavy rain
I remember Jack Spaniards and being stung on the lip
I remember hunting lizards with bow and arrow made from coconut palm spines
I remember running around barefooted and getting rusty nails and broken glass in my foot
I remember playing marbles

I remember playing 'hat or beheaded cards
I remember playing 'man or woman' with cards cut from cigarette boxes
I remember the Daher cigarette factory behind Clarke's Cinema
I remember Diamond cigarettes
I remember Flamingo Restaurant in the Boulevard
I remember the Monastery
I remember the Venezuelan Cooperation Center
I remember bazaars at the Anglican school
I remember lucky dip
I remember bus fare to Gros Islet being ten cents

I remember Reduit with no houses, only cows
I remember when the last bus to Gros Islet left Castries about 7:30 PM
I remember hiking a ride near the 'cabaret' in the corner near the Market when all buses were gone
I remember Carnival Monday went from downtown to Marchand
I remember Carnival Tuesday and presentation of prizes going through the Boulevard
I remember the concrete canopy on JQ's building collapsing under too many carnival watchers
I remember the Cable and Wireless newspaper library at their back entrance
I remember a good roti from Matthew's restaurant
I remember Renwick and Geddes Grant on Bridge Street
I remember Bata
I remember Lafayette's supermarket

I remember Raskasas
I remember Bram Bram, Dockie, and Basket
I remember Guy Love and the Guy Love dance
I remember Macdalena Cho-Cho Blo Pie Coco
I remember Norman Chien and Isaac Gros Gwen
I remember Tony Martino
I remember Teacher King at the Anglican School
I remember the Carmichael School at Leslie Land
I remember Miss Bootie

I remember Ferrand's Dairy having the best milk in St. Lucia
I remember Ferrand's Dairy delivering milk in glass bottles to your doorstep
I remember Choc Ice
I remember Holiday Foods and Corn Curls
I remember the waterfront without government buildings
I remember walking the stretch
I remember when most people were not so big and fat and out of shape in St. Lucia
I remember when you had to walk to and from most places
I remember the 13th. of December (National Day) cycle race around the city circuit
I remember Ryan Ravenea, Jean, Emille, Red Cap, and Never Win
I remember Juicy, Fanta and Tip Top

I remember demonstrations, riots, and teargas in Castries
I remember plywood city
I remember the Cunard turning back because of riots in Castries
I remember St. Lucia's Independence
I remember the old Gros Islet cemetery where Bay Gardens Beach Resort now sits
I remember Choc Dump
I remember when land at Beausejour was worthless with a swamp and infested with mosquitoes
I remember wild goats and donkeys at Cas-en-Bas
I remember being unable to find a bus up north on a Sunday
I remember people thought 'Coco' was mad when he began a limited bus service on Sundays
I remember Stevens Yachts at the Rodney Bay Marina

I remember Eagle's Inn in Gros Islet
I remember having to wake up at 4:30 am to catch the only bus from Canaries to Castries
I remember that bus ride from Canaries to Castries taking at least two hours
I remember hurricane Allen in 1980
I remember passing for St. Mary's College; it was like winning the lotto
I remember walking Pavee' road everyday
I remember learning to swim
I remember Reduit beach when it was peaceful and quiet and not overrun like it is now
I remember invading Convent girls' beach parties at Reduit beach
I remember Bro. McCarten, Bro. Cyril, and Bro. Regis
I remember Tapon, Abercombie, Rodney, and Presentation
I remember when Bingo and Pep got their calypso start at SMC
I remember 'calots'

I remember Sir John Compton, George Odlum, Jon Odlum, George Mallet
I remember  threats to 'shoot from the hip' and 'break glass in your ass'
I remember Madame Henri
I remember my first kiss
I remember my grandmother
I remember finding my father dead in bed
I remember our pet goats 'Muds and Fads'
I remember my pet Siamese cat
I remember our dogs Tiger and Rover
I remember eating condensed milk and sugar, and Klim
I remember the hot milk at school
I remember sweets for the Queen's birthday
I remember cake after SMC sports
I remember Chadwick (Bobby) Deligny

I remember you, you, and you................................

I remember so much more.

What do you remember?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Sad Day For All St. Lucians

Kendal Felix                           Menachem Stark
Crime is a terrible thing when it strikes close to home, and this week it reared its ugly, despicable head and struck too close to home for St. Lucians in New York. Wednesday April 30th. 2014, just a few days ago, caused many St. Lucians in New York City to bow their heads in shame. I, too, was one of those saddened, dismayed, and ashamed by the purported actions by one of our very own. Not that crime does not exist in our midst but the fact that such a heinous and callous act was committed by one of us was just too much for some. A people known for being friendly and compassionate, it was indeed a tough pill to swallow that such a young member of our community was arrested for kidnapping and murder resulting in a charge of second-degree murder. 

A mere 26 years old and in the prime of his life, Kendal Felix in concert with others kidnapped Menachem Stark, a Hasidic Jew, off the streets of Brooklyn at 331 Rutledge Street in Brooklyn on January 2, 2014 on a cold winter day and whisked him away in a minivan. Felix lived in nearby Crown Heights, and had done about $20,000 worth of construction work for Stark but had not been paid. He said he and two accomplices had kidnapped Stark hoping to get the money. According to the New York Post, Felix confessed to the killing and admitted to being the driver of the van, as well as one of the men who wrestled with Stark on the sidewalk. The Post said Felix implicated two other men in the murder, but that they had been arrested and then released. Stark died from compression suffocation. Felix indicated that the death was unintentional, and occurred after one of Felix's accomplices sat on Stark inside the minivan.

Kidnap vehicle captured on video driving off
With temperatures below freezing most of that day and the forecast of a snowstorm looming over the city, the trio must have been determined in executing their plot to get Stark. I mean seriously, who wants to be out in this weather other than someone determined with a will cast in stone to exact whatever dastardly deed had already been planned. According to reports corroborated by video footage outside Stark's office, he was snatched and driven away. Surveillance video captures the vehicle driving through the snow eventually heading to Long Island. As relatives prayed for a miracle, Stark’s burning body was found  just before 4 p.m. Friday, January 2nd. in a dumpster at a Getty gas station in Great Neck, Long Island — 16 miles from where he was abducted. Stark was burned from the waist down, a source said.
Vehicle making getaway with kidnapped man inside

Dumpster where body was found

A few employees shoveling snow near the gas pumps threw snow into the dumpster. Fernando Cerff, the owner of the gas station, arrived at the Cutter Mill Road business early Friday to shovel snow and get his fleet of plows on the road. “There was smoke coming from the dumpster,” Cerff told the Daily News. “I thought someone threw a cigarette in there. There was a smell,” he said. “It was horrible. I got a really bad feeling about it. I knew something was wrong by the smell. It was just too strong. So I called the cops.” Investigators discovered Stark’s body beside the trash and under a few inches of snow. The gas station was closed immediately.

Two of the suspects were linked to a cellphone that was found attached to the undercarriage of Stark’s car in the days after the murder. It belongs to one of the suspects and calls were made to it by one of the other two, according to reports.

And so, the police finally arrested and charged Kendal Felix in this whole sordid affair. What seems to have many upset is the fact that Felix has been identified as a St. Lucian on social media sites and not on the mainstream news outlets. Many believe that his identification as a St. Lucian will sully the name of St. Lucia. Helloooooooooo.....shouldn't Felix have been the one to realize that his actions would have had a negative impact on St. Lucia? Do you all not think that the relevant authorities already know his status and nationality? I may be ashamed of his actions but I am still a proud St. Lucian. Identifying him as a St. Lucian makes absolutely no difference to the price of coffee; he's still in the calaboose!

Sometimes my people have a very misguided sense of loyalty and patriotism. Isn't it important to know who is in our midst? One of the first responses of many people I have spoken to regarding this case has been an almost instant, "A nice fella like that!" As if crimes are only committed by ugly people!

For sure the police must be looking at other crimes in the city in order to discover whether Felix and his other accomplices are involved; that would be standard police procedure. But lets look at this objectively if only for a moment. Under the circumstances wouldn't it be almost logical to wonder whether this young man has been involved in other crimes and whether St. Lucians may have been at the receiving end of his callous disregard for human life? 

You have to be a cold and hardened individual to go through the sequence of actions to effect such a crime as has been committed, and it is very difficult to fathom that this was a one-off incident.  This was not a self defense death; not a heat of the moment fight; not an escalating confrontation; not a threat to life and limb. 

1) Obviously a plot had to be hatched between the persons involved.
2) A cell phone was attached under Stark's car  with the only logical reason would be to track him via GPS. It certainly wasn't to call his muffler.
3) The cell phone belongs to one of the suspects
4) It was a cold winter day with temps below freezing
5) It was snowing
6) They waited outside his office until he came out
7) They kidnapped Stark and then drove 16 miles away in the snow
8) After Stark was dead they dumped the body in a dumpster
9) The body was then set on fire

Was this an accident? I mean seriously you can't say to the judge that you were walking along the sidewalk and then all of a sudden "Ooops" you slipped in the snow and fell on Stark and you all rolled into the van and ended up in Long Island as if by magic. These actions were cold and calculated and do not sound like a first time event. You must be cold and hard to the core to even plan an act like this.

And what did he think, that Stark would forget all about it when he let him go? You work for the man! All these questions I have asked, and all the deductions made will be the same that the prosecutor will present in court.

It is true, this incident can be no positive light for St. Lucians. But we cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend quietly that hiding his nationality will be any good fortune for us. There are good and bad people everywhere, and just as we should rightfully be proud of our Nobel laureates and other positive personalities coming from our beloved St. Lucia, we must also be ashamed and embarrassed when one of us commits despicable crimes. Let this be a lesson to us all that good looking or ugly, popular or not, public figure or obscure individual, Cap Estate or ghetto, there is good and bad among us all. We must also learn that actions come with consequences, and no amount of pretending or crying, sweeping it under the carpet, or turning a blind eye just because he is one of us or liked will change the fact that the consequences will be brought to bear. No amount of cussing or screaming will change that!

Second-degree murder is a serious affair and New York has some of the stiffest penalties - 25 years to life!

Under New York criminal law, murder in the second degree is one of several forms of homicide, or conduct which causes the death of a person. Pursuant to the statute, a person commits second-degree murder in one of five ways:
(1) with the intent to cause the death of another person, he or she causes the death of such person or a third person;

(2) under circumstances demonstrating a "depraved indifference to human life," the defendant "recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of death to another person, and thereby causes the death of another person";

(3) acting alone or in concert with others, the defendant commits or attempts to commit a specified felony (including robbery, burglary, kidnapping, arson, rape, and sexual abuse) and, in the course of and in furtherance of such crime or of immediate flight therefrom, he or she causes the death of a non-participant;

(4) under circumstances demonstrating a "depraved indifference to human life," a defendant 18 years old or more "recklessly engages in conduct which creates a grave risk of serious physical injury or death" to a person less than 11 years old and causes the death of such person; or

(5) while in the course of committing a specified crime such as rape, a criminal sexual act or sexual abuse, a defendant 18 years old or more intentionally causes the death of a person less than 14 years old.
These are the points to prove in a court of law.

Meanwhile the Jewish community remains resolute to see the guilty parties face the maximum penalty for this crime.

In the prime of your life at 26 years old this doesn't seem like such a bright idea now I guess. The whole world was your oyster. And instead of using this as an example for us all we're eating-each-other over whether he should be identified as a St. Lucian.

I don't know you my St. Lucian brother but God be with you as you face a hard road ahead. I would not want to be in your shoes.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Think before you act and regret those actions for the rest of your life. I would prefer to lose a few dollars than to be in jail for the rest of my life. Regardless of the sum owed your life would have still moved on.

Live and learn Lucians. Live and learn!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Versatile Vincent McDoom Does It Again

Vincent McDoom as Josepha
St. Lucian born Vincent McDoom  has done it again. This time landing a leading role in the Franck Phelizon comedy movie Kickback (release September 2014). According to inside sources filming has just recently completed  and the final editing and production in underway. McDoom is well known in Europe and beyond for his exploits in both fashion and film. He has made a name for himself as a judge in numerous reality TV shows. Over the years he has become a household name in Europe.

A ferocious fashionista, Vincent prides himself in being a champion against the exploitation of new talent, especially St. Lucian models bursting onto the world scene. Last year he blew the socks off Hot Couture, a fashion and modeling show, held for the first time as part of the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. As the artistic director he took the show to rave reviews.

Movie synopsis

"The best stories are those that take us where we do not expect."Jackie, a typical English psychiatrist who looks like a trucker, and Josepha, a black transvestite, live together. Their differences complement each other. One is white, impulsive, and fleeing her past. The other is a black transvestite looking to get pregnant by Boris who is a straight handsome rugby player who Jackie isolates in her cellar. Jackie receives calls for help from improbable characters : 
Tonio Jackson: a former black American policeman, who became police commissioner in Meaux and is seeking to save his brother.  
The North African priest : Moses in search of the promised land .  
A judge: Seeking fifty million .  
The very sensual and disturbing Rosemary Kaplan: Falls madly in love with Jackie as impotent and jealous Josepha (Vincent McDoom) looks on.  
The chemistry between Jackie and Josepha becomes a mirror that reflects the image of each other.

Cast of characters 
Lee Delong as Jackie Camtreud
Vincent McDoom as Josepha
Daniel Duval as Le Juge Martin
Delphine Chaneac as Rosemary Kaplan
Peter King as Le Commissaire Jackson
Wahid Bouzidi as Le père Moïse 
Joe Sheridan as César Maury